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Where Do The Bats Go After The Exclusion Process?

Where do the Bats go after we evict them from your house? Bats are a protected Species so the only thing we can do is get the Bats out of your home and seal it up so no Bats can gain re-entry. There is no use in trying to catch the Bats and relocate them the Bats would just come back. Bats have a 150 mile homing radius so 75 miles in any directions the Bats will find their way back, and we cant bring Bats out of the county the Bats live in. So where do the Bats go?

Bats are very territorial so the Bats don't travel too far from where they lived in your home, the Bats find another home within a mile away so its a short trip each night to get back to their territory to eat bugs.

Thats why we are so thorough with sealing your home because the Bats come back each night eating bugs and looking for a new way in.



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