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What to do if a Bat gets into your house

Updated: May 25, 2019

Sometimes when bats are living in your attic a bat will feel a breeze, from usually a cold air return, and think its a way to get outside but end up getting into your living space instead. The best thing to do if you find a bat flying around your home is to open a window and turn off anything that circulates air. (ceiling fans,central air...) Turn the lights off and shut the door if the bat is in a bedroom or in a room you can shut him in with an open window. The Bat will feel the breeze from the open window and fly out after 15-30 min. in most cases. Another thing you can do is get something to put the Bat into like an old Coffee can or anything about the same size that has a top, also you will need something that is flat, very thin and sturdy and fits over the top of the can like a piece of cardboard. You might want some gloves too. Now your ready to catch a Bat. Wait for the Bat to land on something, the flatter the better, then very slowly sneak over to the Bat with your coffee can ready to cover him open end out. (If the Bat fly's away just be patient and wait for the Bat to land again). Once you have the can over the Bat slide the cardboard under slowly trying to make sure the Bat gets traped between the cardboard and the inside of the can. Once you have the Bat inside the can flip it over and try to make sure the Bat is at the bottom of the can so you can replace the cardboard with the top. As long as the Bat is on the bottom of the can its safe to take the cardboard off and put the top on, Bats cannot take off flying straight up they need more like a runway to get off the ground if they are not hanging on something they can drop and glide off of. One thing to remember is Bats don't want to be in your living space, bats just want to be outside eating bugs. If that is not an option you can call a professional to come out and extract the bat from your home. If you do end up getting a bat in your home its a good idea to call a professional Bat company and have them do a bat inspection on your home and give you a quote on what it will take to resolve your bat problem.

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