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What Species of Bats are living in my Attic?

What Species of Bats are living in my Attic? This is a popular Question i get when i'm on a Bat Inspection. First things first, there are 9 different species of Bats in Michigan.

Little Brown Bat

Big Brown Bat

Red Bat

Hoary Bat

Evening Bat

Silver-haired Bat

Tri-colored Bat

Indiana Bat

Northern Long-eared Bat

The most common Bats your gonna find living in Houses/Buildings are the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat. The easiest way to tell the difference from the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat is by looking at there faces. The Little Brown Bat has a short stubby nose and the Big Brown Bat has a longer snout. Also just as the names apply the Little Brown Bat is smaller they range from 2-4 inch's where the Big Brown Bat is Larger ranging from 4-5 inch's fully Mature.( the females can be larger). The Big Brown Bats also tend to have wavy fur on their backs.

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